cake stores

Birthdays are always a special time. Whether you’re celebrating yourself or your loved ones, a great cake is an essential part of any celebration. Luckily, there are many different cake stores that can create the perfect cake for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a traditional cake or something more unique, we’ve rounded up our favorite places to get your hands on the best cakes in NYC.

Eileen’s Cheesecake, 17 Cleveland Place, Manhattan

This small, family-owned bakery in Soho is a citywide institution. Its classic cheesecakes are known for their soft, creamy texture and their wide array of flavors. The Original is a staple, but try the Salted Caramel or S’mores for a sweet treat with a twist.

Lady M, 30 International Locations, NYC

Chef Ken Romaniszyn founded the first Lady M in 2004 and has since become synonymous with haute couture in the cake world. This artisanal crepe cake shop is also known for its incredible service and top-notch customer experience, which make it a must-visit for any New Yorker.

Bakery Life, 1306 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia

If you want a traditional cake that’s baked in-house and not frozen, this bakery is the way to go. You can order one in any size and shape you want, with the option to choose your own icing. They offer a variety of cake flavors, including yellow cake, chocolate, red velvet, and lemon, as well as cupcakes in carrot, sea salt caramel, coconut candy bar, soft pink vanilla and nostalgic yellow.

Ovenly, 63 West 23rd Street, NYC

As you may have guessed, we love a good cake. And Ovenly makes some of the most perfect cakes we’ve ever tried. The bakery’s light, fluffy cake and luscious frosting are both made in-house, which means you don’t have to worry about a store-bought version that’s overly sweet or lacking flavor.

Soma Cakes, East Village, NYC

If it’s a birthday, you’re likely going to need a cake. And the cakes at Soma Cakes are just as spectacular as their other treats. If you’re planning a big birthday bash, they’ll even design a cake around your theme. They have everything from a BMW-themed cake to an all-over birthday theme, as well as a few unique designs that will leave your guests speechless.

Located near the med center, Romelia’s is a cake shop for those who love frosting! Their cakes and cupcakes are just the right density for frosting lovers, with options like carrot, lemon raspberry, Italian cream and German chocolate.

Martine’s Pastries, Lexington, KY

For those looking for a classic cake with a healthy kick, Martine’s is the bakery to go to. Their cakes are topped with an ideal nut to batter ratio, which means you can feel guilt-free about enjoying them. Their signature carrot cake is a must-try, along with other favorites like Yellow Butter and Raspberry.

Delice, San Antonio

If you’re looking for a cake that will make your heart melt, check out the carmelita brownie from this small, family-owned bakery in the Texas Hill Country. Other treats include brioche doughnuts and shortbread cookies.